10 Gift ideas for Mums to be (that aren’t for the baby)

Whether its because you’ve just found out they are expecting, its a special occasion or the pregnancy is making them feel crappy, below are my gift ideas for mums to be that are for them, and not the baby!

As an expectant mum, you get lots of gifts and hand me downs, which don’t get me wrong are super welcome – a massive thank you to all our fantastic friends and family for everything they have given us so far- blankets, baby toys, baby clothes etc. But sometimes its nice to receive something that is more for you, whether that is for memories and keepsake, or for a bit of pampering!

  1. Everyone who knows me well knows that I constantly rave about my pregnancy pillow! After trying out a friends one when they were pregnant, I treated myself to mine straight after my 12 week scan! If your mum to be is getting more uncomfortable and doesn’t have one this could be a great gift to help her get more comfy – sitting watching TV or sleeping, and will even be useful after the birth too, doubling up as an aid whilst feeding! 
  2. Although spa’s are usually off limits whilst pregnant, some places do offer specialised pregnancy massages to help relax your mum to be! Depending on the length of treatment I’ve found local ones starting from about £40. To see the Top 20 in Somerset, UK click the link here
  3. Was your mum to be a gin lover before pregnancy? Looking for something to give your mum to be a laugh? This book could be just the thing! Its an easy read and hilarious! 
  4. A friend brought us a fantastic pregnancy journal as a gift and we absolutely love it! Probably better as a gift earlier on in the pregnancy and not just before she’s due! 
  5. With her feet starting to ache and swell as pregnancy gets into the later stages, perhaps some comfy slippers are what the doctor ordered? These cute animal ones are adorable!! 
  6. You could team the slippers up with a pregnancy pamper kit if your mum to be is feeling under the weather or down in the dumps about all those pregnancy side effects! 
  7. Clothing is a bit of a risky gift with the ever growing bump changing your mum to be’s size day by day, but I do love the pregnancy t-shirts you can get! There are loads out there including Christmas, Dinosaur, Star Wars and Halloween themed ones! You can get one for almost all occasions!
  8. A welcome side effect of pregnancy for many is better hair, skin and nails, so why not get your mum to be some nice nail polishes to show off those lovely long and strong nails! This Barry M gift set has 6 nail polishes plus some make up too, to help your mum to be feel even more beautiful than she already is!
  9. Although its all done digitally now, I’m still a fan of having printed photographs, and a scan photo is no different, so how about this cute little keepsake frame? 
  10. Last but not least – Jewellery! A necklace or bracelet is probably best, in case your mum to be starts swelling up through water retention later on in pregnancy – then she can keep wearing it! Go as extravagant as you can/want! Spoil her – its hard work growing a human! Trust me!

I hope this has helped give you some ideas – I would love to hear more ideas from you, whether its something you want or something that someone brought you whilst you were/are pregnant and you love it! Get in touch!

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Much love, Gina x

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