10 simple ways to save money on your grocery bill!

We love to try and save money where possible. What is the point in spending more than you need to? Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely certain things its worth spending a little more on upfront to get good quality! But, I believe grocery shopping is one area of the monthly budget where most people could easily spend less.

Below are 10 simple ways you could save money on your grocery bill. We have included links to our free printables to help you along the way too! So what are you waiting for? Start reaping the benefits to your bank balance!

  1. Do a cupboard & freezer audit. Its key to know what you already have so you don’t buy duplicates that will sit in the cupboards for months! Use our free food audit printable to help you jot down what you have. We keep a list going all month, crossing things off as we use them. This way we know what we have left without having to do a new audit every time we need to do a shop.
  2. Plan your weekly meals. If you know what your eating throughout the week you will know what you need to buy from the shop. You might also be able to prep things in advance to save time when you get home from work and want food sharpish!  Use our free meal planner printable to help you keep track of your plan for the week ahead!
  3. Write a shopping list – and stick to it! With your audit and meal planner to hand it should be easy to write a list of what you need for the week ahead. Use our free shopping list printable to help you. Once you have finished your list, head to the shops and STICK TO IT! Don’t get distracted by other foods and deals.
  4. Shop around. Try different shops not just the usual one you go to. I recently started going to LIDL & ALDI and although I cant usually get everything I need, I get most of it then top it up in ASDA or TESCO after. This can make the shopping take a little longer but it costs much less – and 95% of the time we prefer the LIDL/ALDI produce – tastier and cheaper – result!
  5. Buy loose not packaged fruit & vegetables. It is usually cheaper to buy loose and unprepared fruit and veg – think about it, your paying for the extra packaging and someone to do the prep work. Another advantage of buying loose fruit and veg is that you can buy exactly the right amount to reduce waste and over buying!
  6. Cook from scratch. As well as costing the same or less than a jar of sauce, it is quite simple and healthier to make your own. The same goes for ready meals, especially if you cook batches – see point 8. We will be posting more recipes soon to help you cook more form scratch. Since we stopped buying cooking sauces etc. and started cooking everything from scratch we have saved loads of money – and it doesn’t really take any longer to do!
  7. Portion control. I used to be terrible at this, but Tom is the boss at it! When we first met I thought it was odd he weighed out food, but it really helps with portion control. Generally we use the following measurements:  These measurements are a rough guide and it obviously depends on what you are having, for example the meat portion is for meat within a dish such as a curry or bolognaise, if you were having a steak you would probably have more! Cracking your portion control will mean you don’t waste as much food and therefore wont need to buy as much! Get the scales at the ready! We use these ones…
  8. Batch cook and freeze. Like ready meals for convenience? Try making your own by batch cooking and freezing! Then you just need to heat it up when in need of a quick meal, and it will be healthier! We tend to try and do a batch cook at least once a week so we end up with a selection in the freezer. We also tend to cook recipes for dinner that serve 4 even though there is only the two of us eating it – this means we have 2 servings for another day. Why don’t you try our Beany Goulash recipe – its a great, easy and healthy recipe that is perfect for freezing!
  9. Keep a list of easy, go to recipes. We have some quick and easy recipes that we alternate into our meal plan throughout the month, such as jacket potatoes or carbonara. This helps with meal planning as we don’t have to scratch our heads too much for different recipes.
  10. Use leftovers or freeze food that is about to go off. This goes hand in hand with number 8 really, but if you do cook too much, pop it in a Tupperware and in the fridge or freezer so you don’t waste it. If its not a complete meal don’t worry, you might be able to have it as a snack, or just need to cook a side to go with it. Also, if you have over bought or changed plans and don’t end up using something, chop it up and freeze it! We recently had some bread that started to go stale, so we blitzed it up in the nutri ninja to make breadcrumbs and then froze them – now we have breadcrumbs on demand! 

There you have it, our 10 tips for saving money on your groceries! It has saved us hundreds of pounds this year – we hope it can help you save too!

Got any more tips that work for you? We would love to hear them! and your success stories too!

Much love, Gina & Tom x

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One Reply to “10 simple ways to save money on your grocery bill!”

  1. Love these! 1, 6, and 8 are my life 🙂 I love making my own pasta sauce & breadcrumbs, and buying everything from Aldi, and cooking & freezing ahead of time. I was nodding my head the whole time reading this. These things really go a long way!

    #7 about portion control is one I haven’t focused on much and need to. Thanks for the tip!

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