5 essentials to survive the first few weeks of parenthood (on top of the basics)

The last few weeks have been a huge learning curve for all three of us since bringing our little princess home. There have been a few things that have been worth their weight in gold to make thing so much easier for us in settling in to our new world of being parents so I thought I’d share them (in no particular order – they have all been lifesavers at some point!):

A flask

Nope not for your tea or coffee, although this could also be an extra requirement once the lack of sleep kicks in! We keep a flask of warm water with the changing mat etc for wetting the cotton wool. Saves you having to remember to get some water every time and is a god send through the night! Just tip a bit in the lid and clean away without shocking your little one with cold water and making the experience even worse for them (they don’t like it enough as it is in those early days!). Even better it’s portable so you can chuck it in your changing bag for on the go too! No need to make sure you find somewhere with water to change your little one – you’ll be ready to go anywhere – because let’s face it, they don’t wait for a convenient time to go!

The Gro company newborn Grosnug

This newborn, hip safe swaddle come sleeping bag is fab! No need to know how to swaddle – it just zips up around the arms but allows the legs space to move around and relax comfortably.

This was even better for us with our little one being diagnosed with hip dysplasia and having to wear a pavlik harness from week 1. It stops them waking themselves through arm movements and makes them feel safe and secure. It also helped stop our little one from rolling over onto her side.

Natura breast pump – not for pumping but for catching those leaks!!

I didn’t realise that when breastfeeding your brain sends a signal to your breasts to produce milk but doesn’t specify which breast the baby is latching onto – so the signal goes to both! So when you have your little one latched onto one breast, the other is also producing milk and this can lead to massive leaking incidents! Before I discovered this pump, I would be juggling the baby – getting it to latch, as well as trying to wedge a pot to catch the leak under the other boob somehow – it didn’t usually end well!

This breast pump (or similar) is perfect for catching these leaks handsfree! You just squeeze it to create a vacuum and then place it on the breast that your not feeding from and let go, the vacuum created holds the pump in place to catch the leaks. It even comes with milk storage bags so you can save your leaks and freeze them for the future! As a side note it comes with a little stand and lid and looks a bit like a spaceship ready to launch!

Pram footmuff

We got given a Mama & Papas footmuff and have put it to good use but not in the pram… we use it around the house! It is great to place on your sofa, table etc with the baby inside and the zips done up – it stops any risk of them rolling off the surface! It’s been a god send and meant we don’t need a Moses basket downstairs as the footmuff is super easy to move around to wherever you need it! We even used it when we went out for dinner for the first time since being parents – we placed our little one in it on the bench next to me whilst we ate – no need to worry about them being in a car seat too long in the restaurant!

A feeding tracker

With baby brain and lack of sleep, just remembering what boob you last gave your little one to feed on or what time the last feed was, and therefore when they are due a feed, is much harder than it should be! So grab yourself a notepad to keep track of it (I’m sure there is probably an app out there somewhere for it too but I like good old fashioned pen and paper).

I picked up this little notepad from the range for about 50p and got creative with it to make it more interesting:

Oh and here’s a bonus tip too, something else that has been a lifesaver some nights… you tube!! Amazingly there are videos, well more sound bites really, of white noise – our little one loves the tumble dryer one – it’s 10 hours of tumble dryer noise! Just pop it on when they are settling or won’t settle and it helps calm them! We just leave it playing whilst we all fall asleep – you learn to tune it out if it means you get to sleep!

So there you have it, our lifesaving hacks and tips that have kept us sane (almost) in or first few weeks of parenthood! I hope they help you too – and I’m sure there will be more tips to come as we continue adulting/parenting.

Thanks for reading, feel free to share on Pinterest and social media!

Much love, Gina & Tom x

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