DIY Easy wipeable food planner – FREE PRINTABLE! 

Following on from our post about how to save money on your grocery’s (click here to read more), we have a quick and easy reusable and wipe able food planner you can keep in your kitchen. Best of all it will only cost you a couple of pounds!

What you’ll need:

  • Printer
  • A4 paper, either white or coloured
  • A4 photo frame
  • Our FREE printable
  • A whiteboard pen

What to do:

Print out our FREE printable – we have produced it with the yellow background or a plain black and white version if you want to print it on your own patterned or coloured paper.

Food Planner Printable Yellow

Food Planner Printable Black & White

Take the back off your A4 frame and pop the printed out food planner in. Put the back on and secure.

I recommend you use a black frame as then it won’t get marked by the whiteboard pen when you wipe it off!

Write on your food plan for the week! How simple is that?!

When your week comes to an end simply wipe off your writing and start again. This is a great present to make your friends for birthday or Christmas. We have made a few for our friends and they loved it!

We would love to see your completed food planners – comment with your pictures below.

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