Am I really pregnant?!


The same as many of you probably did/are doing, as we had been actively trying for a baby, I had been testing every month as soon as my app told me to! After months of negative results, seeing that positive sign was such a fantastic feeling! We were ecstatic! Wanting to double-check, I rushed out to the shop and brought another test just to make sure… it was positive too!

Finding out so early on is pretty strange – although over the moon that we were obviously both in working order and had managed to create a ‘thing’, I physically felt no different, so constantly doubted the tests results. Add to this the fact I had constant spotting from week 3, I felt quite unsettled and worried amongst the huge amount of excitement.

I know that you can have implantation spotting at first, but when the spotting continued past a week it gave me more cause for concern. I contacted our local Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic for reassurance, who told me to monitor it closely and any changes to call again. After a couple more weeks, the bleeding got a bit heavier so I called back and got a scan the very next day, the ladies at the unit were fantastic. I had drunk lots of water that morning so they tried a normal ultrasound first and found what they were looking for – an embryo and a heartbeat, no problems at all. We were so relieved! The heartbeat looked like a little flicker and it was so small it looked like a grain of rice – from then on ‘it’ was know as Ricecake!

My advice for any of you reading this having spotting or bleeding in those early days is to contact your doctors or midwife with your concerns – and don’t let it drop, if it is worrying you then its better to be safe than sorry!

Sometimes its the simple things that you overlook when going through something new such as first time pregnancy… I had actually suffered from some monthly spotting before pregnancy, but it was only when the nurse asked me about pre-pregnancy cycles and spotting that I realised that maybe for me, spotting was normal. I say this as maybe you are the same and it has not occurred to you either! That said, I’m still glad I got it checked out for reassurance.

The spotting continued until about week 9!! 6 weeks of spotting was not the most fun and I think I should have some kind of shares in panty liners the amount I bought! Then one day it just stopped, and fingers crossed, I’ve not had any since.

The arrival of morning sickness…

Spotting was swiftly replaced by the nauseous feeling of morning sickness as well as an increasing feeling of exhaustion! Although I know I got off quite lightly compared to a lot of others, it still wasn’t fun in any sense of the word. I will never forget the day I was sat at my desk at work and had this wave of nausea come over me like a whirlwind… I got up and attempted to get to the bathroom as quick as I could, but soon found out that running down the corridor made it worse and I actually thought for a moment I wasn’t going to make it! I went back to walking as quick as I could and was relieved when I reached the 2 toilet cubicle bathroom and they were both empty – a rarity in itself, I still don’t know what I would have done if they were both occupied!! Unlike normal sickness, where once your empty you feel better, morning sickness seemed unrelenting! I headed home feeling rather sorry for myself and went to bed and slept for hours.

This was one of the few times I was actually sick, but the nauseous feeling was relentless. When I was hungry I felt sick. When I ate I felt sick. Nothing seemed to help, I tried ginger biscuits, ginger tea, mints, eating little and often and much more! I love food. I see eating as one of my hobbies, not just fuel as Tom sees it most of the time, but I completely went off everything, I just couldn’t enjoy eating whilst I felt so crap.

I do feel a lot of sympathy for Tom amongst all my symptoms in the first couple of months… he was great at looking after me and had to put up with my moaning about this symptom or that but he also had to put up with my moaning when, on the rare occasion, I felt completely fine! When I had a brief reprieve from my symptoms I started to worry that something was wrong with the baby. So essentially I moaned constantly for the first few months! I can’t have been easy to live with – I must have seemed completely crazy and grumpy!

So that was my experiences of the first couple of months of pregnancy. I could go on about feeling like rubbish, but I’m sure you don’t need to hear it all. Just know that if you are pregnant and feeling like crap whilst reading this – you’re not alone!

Thanks for reading! I hope it helps some of you, putting your mind at rest about how your feeling. Feel free to share your own experiences in the comments below to further help others 🙂

Gina x

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  1. Congratulations mama! I had the same problem with spotting and morning sickness. Spotting lasted till 16 weeks and I didn’t find a remedy for the morning sickness although I tried with peppermint and ginger tea.

  2. Brilliant, I could have done with this all those years ago I was pregnant with my first.
    You have said so much so calmly and clearly I think you will gain a huge following.
    Wishing you the healthiest of pregnancies X

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