Mini craft/upcycling hack #1 – drawer handles

I’ve been upcycling a chest of drawers with chalk paint for the nursery and searching high and low for some kiddie handles to go on it! Originally I was just going to paint the ones that it came with but that seemed like too much of a faff for lazy lil me and I wanted some with a more child orientated vibe…

After searching eBay and Amazon for kids handles, animal handles etc the only ones I could find that I liked were going to cost me over £30 to buy enough to get everything to match. That was over half the price I paid for the chest of drawers in the first place – no way, I knew I could do better than that!

Whilst wondering around the asda toy section one lunch break I spotted these toy alphabet bricks and had a brainwave. They looked the perfect size and colours, and at £3.75 for all 26 blocks it was a bargain!

All we did was use the screws from the original handles and held the blocks in place whilst screwing the screw in tight, being careful not to scratch the paint and wax.

❤️ I love them! ❤️

The lesson to learn here – have an open mind when looking for handles, you might surprise yourself with what you can find to customise your drawers! 😊

I think I might have to buy another set of blocks for when Ricecake gets older though,  they are cute toys too! That’s my lunchtime tomorrow… 😊

Thanks for reading, I would love to know what things you have upcycled as handles – get in touch!

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