Review: The Blitz Tearoom, Weston-Super-Mare

Today I took a step back in time to the 1940’s! My Mamma took me for a surprise afternoon tea to a fantastic little quirky cafe in Weston-Super-Mare called The Blitz Tearoom.

( Photo above taken from The Blitz Facebook page – )

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Simple Envelope Cushion Cover Tutorial

Tired of your current cushion covers? Want to change the style of a room on a budget? This cushion cover tutorial will show you how to make simple covers – no tricky zips to negotiate and easy to get on and off. What’s even better, it will take you about 15 minutes!

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Mini craft/upcycling hack #1 – drawer handles

I’ve been upcycling a chest of drawers with chalk paint for the nursery and searching high and low for some kiddie handles to go on it! Originally I was just going to paint the ones that it came with but that seemed like too much of a faff for lazy lil me and I wanted some with a more child orientated vibe…

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10 simple ways to save money on your grocery bill!

We love to try and save money where possible. What is the point in spending more than you need to? Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely certain things its worth spending a little more on upfront to get good quality! But, I believe grocery shopping is one area of the monthly budget where most people could easily spend less.

Below are 10 simple ways you could save money on your grocery bill. We have included links to our free printables to help you along the way too! So what are you waiting for? Start reaping the benefits to your bank balance!

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10 Gift ideas for Mums to be (that aren’t for the baby)

Whether its because you’ve just found out they are expecting, its a special occasion or the pregnancy is making them feel crappy, below are my gift ideas for mums to be that are for them, and not the baby!

As an expectant mum, you get lots of gifts and hand me downs, which don’t get me wrong are super welcome – a massive thank you to all our fantastic friends and family for everything they have given us so far- blankets, baby toys, baby clothes etc. But sometimes its nice to receive something that is more for you, whether that is for memories and keepsake, or for a bit of pampering!

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How to survive a hen party whilst pregnant

It’s sods law that in the year I fall pregnant my three close friends from work are all getting married – Not that I would change a thing! The three hen parties are nicely spread out across all three of my trimesters so with two down and one to go, I thought I would share my experiences so far on attending a hen party whilst pregnant, and give any of you pregnant ladies out there due to be attending a hen party some reassurance and tips to help you survive!
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Beany Goulash Recipe

This super healthy dish is full of nutrients, is pretty simple to make  and only uses one pot – result! We often have it for dinner with some naughty tiger bread and butter! Equally it makes a lovely lunch just on its own!

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Serves: 5/6
Time: 40 minutes
Portions of fruit/veggies per portion: 3

Am I really pregnant?!


The same as many of you probably did/are doing, as we had been actively trying for a baby, I had been testing every month as soon as my app told me to! After months of negative results, seeing that positive sign was such a fantastic feeling! We were ecstatic! Wanting to double-check, I rushed out to the shop and brought another test just to make sure… it was positive too!

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A chalk paint upcycle ‘how to guide’ – TV unit

I hate dusting! and the glass corner TV unit had been the bane of my life since day 1 – you could dust it and then 2 minutes later it looked dusty again! So when we decided to redecorate our lounge it gave me the perfect opportunity to get rid… Hunting high and low, I knew what I wanted but with the price tags of new units being a few hundred pound too much I put on my creative thinking cap and set off on the hunt for a bargain!

Before I go any further I want to say that you too can upcycle furniture – it doesn’t take much in the way of equipment and I don’t have any special training or experience, its all self taught!
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Chalk paint – my tips and tricks!

I’ll be honest, I like the quickest and simplest result possible! It is for this reason that I love chalk paint! It all comes down to not wanting to waste energy…

When using chalk paint, the most prep you need to do to your surfaces is giving them a quick clean with some sugar soap. Yep that’s right! Gone are the days of sanding everything down before you undercoat and finally top coat. When I first heard about chalk paint I thought it was too good to be true – but it’s amazing!!
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