Simple Envelope Cushion Cover Tutorial

Tired of your current cushion covers? Want to change the style of a room on a budget? This cushion cover tutorial will show you how to make simple covers – no tricky zips to negotiate and easy to get on and off. What’s even better, it will take you about 15 minutes!

I saw some fab fabric on eBay that I knew I wanted to incorporate into the nursery somehow… and once I brought my rocking chair I knew I wanted to use it for a cute cushion cover. The below tutorial takes you step by step through the process and will have you whipping up new cushion covers in a jiffy!

What you’ll need:

  • Fabric – choose the fabric/s of your choice. For my cushion I wanted a plain back and patterned front.
  • A cushion
  • Sewing basics – measuring tape, scissors, ruler, pins, thread, chalk or fabric marker and of course your sewing machine!

What to do:

Measure the dimensions of your cushion and jot them down so you don’t forget. Make sure you measure right to the seams!


Now you have your measurements, get the fabric your want to use as the front of the cushion and lay it out flat. I add 10cm to my cushion measurement to allow for a seam and any mishaps, measure this out onto your fabric, marking it as you go with chalk or fabric pen:

Once your dimensions are marked out, cut your fabric out following your marks for guidance.

You now need to cut our the fabric for the back of your cushion. To make the ‘envelope’ style and not require a zip, cut out two pieces as shown above – the same width as your front fabric but approximately 3/4 high.

Iron all 3 pieces of fabric you have cut out – this will make putting the cushion cover together much easier and will make the end result neater.

Iron a 1cm seam into one of the long edges on each of the two back panel sections. You then need to sew a straight stitch along this to create a nice neat edge for the envelope. I use the width of my sewing machine foot as a guide on the ironed edge to get a straight line of stitches.

Lay the front panel with the pattern facing up and the back panels overlapping facing down – this means the fabric you will see on the finished product is in the middle (known as right sides together). Make sure the edges on the back panels have the seams in the middle not the edge! Then measure out the dimensions of your cushion in the middle and mark out with chalk or your fabric pen. Pin the fabrics together with your pins going across the lines so you can sew over them without damaging your machine.

Starting on a corner, sew along the guidelines. There is no need to stop and cut your thread on each corner, just keep the needle in the fabric, lift your machine foot and turn the fabric, then put the foot back down and carry on sewing until you’ve done all 4 sides. Cut your thread and remove the pins.

You can now trim excess off the edges if you want and then turn the cover right way out to show the finished cover. Push into the corners to make them square. Then pop your cushion inside!

I hope this tutorial was helpful.

I would love to see your finished results – post your pictures in the comments below! 🙂

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