How to survive a hen party whilst pregnant

It’s sods law that in the year I fall pregnant my three close friends from work are all getting married – Not that I would change a thing! The three hen parties are nicely spread out across all three of my trimesters so with two down and one to go, I thought I would share my experiences so far on attending a hen party whilst pregnant, and give any of you pregnant ladies out there due to be attending a hen party some reassurance and tips to help you survive!

My first tip for all you pregnant ladies out there is to tell the organiser as soon as possible!

I’ve been very lucky that all the organisers have been very helpful and understanding. The first hen party was quite early on, in my first trimester (I was about 8 weeks pregnant at the time of the party) and so by the time I knew I was pregnant I had already paid up. This said, the organiser did contact the event’s company to try and get a refund for the activities I could no longer take part in  (It’s a Knockout style games) but it was too short notice.

Note: Some companies will not allow you to take part in their activities whilst pregnant due to their insurance. It is worth checking the companies policies on pregnancy as soon as possible.

By the time the second hen party came along I was well into my second trimester and had known about my pregnancy from before the activities were booked, so the organiser made sure I didn’t pay for the activities I couldn’t do.

Activities that are likely to be off limits:

  • Spa days due to it being recommended not to spend time in hot tubs and sauna’s whilst pregnant, as well as not being able to lie down on your tummy once bump gets too big (although some may offer pregnancy massages where they have special benches etc.).
  • High ropes and related activities such as climbing walls due to the harnesses you have to wear, risk of falling and higher likelihood of injury.
  • Horse riding, again due to the high risk of falling and abdominal injury .
  • Carnival/Theme park rides due to the rapid start and stops and the jarring movements these rides can have as well as the fact these rides usually require some balance to get in and out of – which you may be lacking a bit more these days!
  • High intensity or contact sports, again due to the risk of abdominal injury or exerting your body too much.
My second tip for all you pregnant ladies out there is to check the itinerary to know what and when you will be eating (and drinking). 

With the inevitable changes in appetite throughout the trimesters of pregnancy it was important for me to know when and what the food plans were so I could plan accordingly. I packed the extra snacks and food I required, as well as checking restaurant menu’s to make sure there was something I could eat, so I could arrange special requirements before we all turned up, so I wasn’t causing a fuss on the day.

Generally, there is no getting away from the element of alcohol in hen and stag parties alike. There is a distinct feeling of failure in most cases if the hen or stag wake up bright as a daisy the next day… so go in with full expectations of alcohol playing a big part in the party! I wont lie, I have hardly drank alcohol throughout my pregnancy but have had a small glass of wine, prosecco or gin on celebratory occasions. I personally don’t think it is a bad thing to have the odd glass once in a blue moon but obviously this is personal preference! Don’t feel pressured into having alcohol if your not comfortable. It may make you feel better to tell the hen and her organisers before the event if you have reservations about the drinking aspect of the party.

For both hen parties I have attended the organisers were well on board and checked what I would want to drink so they could get something in for me. I did join in with a small glass of bubbles for toasting the hen, but that was my choice. If the organisers don’t make considerations or mention it then perhaps pack some drinks just in case. On the first party one of the activities was cocktail making and they ensured there would be mocktail alternatives for me – I thoroughly enjoyed it and they were super tasty too so don’t let this put you off if you see cocktail making as an activity!

Note: I have found alcohol removed wine from the supermarket can make you feel like your joining in and not make you stand out as the non-drinker – in case you are trying to keep your pregnancy a secret in the early days! 

My third tip for you pregnant ladies is to plan your bag packing and remember all the little pregnancy related extras you need to pack.

Although I wasn’t doing most of the activities, especially at the second hen do, I found I packed more than some of the others attending! With the activities being outside and with wanting to join in as much as possible I took quite a lot of warm clothing so I would be happy staying outside and watching and taking photos for the hen and everyone else to have memories to take away with them – that way I still felt involved too!

I also took my massive U-shaped pregnancy pillow as we were staying in bunks and had to provide our own pillows anyway – and to try and ensure best sleep possible! This went down well with others too who jumped in my bed to try out how comfy it is! I think they all want to go buy one now even though they aren’t pregnant!

Lastly I ensured I packed extra water bottles, pregnancy vitamins, stretch mark prevention cream and my laptop and a book in case the weather was horrible and  I had to retreat inside on my own.

My last tip for you pregnant ladies is don’t be afraid to dip out an go have a nap!

Especially as you progress through the trimesters, tiredness will increase so don’t be afraid to disappear for a nap… I would hope that your friend the hen would be more than understanding and grateful that you have still attended. When I mentioned at the second hen party I might go have a nap the rest of the group jumped on the suggestion and napped too!

So don’t worry about going on a hen party whilst pregnant… just plan ahead and you will have a great time and be there to support your friend in their new venture, giving them a party to remember!

Have fun! Gina x

p.s. I would love to hear your pregnant hen do experiences too so either comment or email me and let me know how you get/got on and any other tips you can think of!

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  1. A fab post Gina, really useful tips! I bet a lot of pregnant ladies feel put off attending a hen do but your advice shows you can def still have fun!! Thankyou so much for all the photos and videos you took on my hen so I can save all of those memories!! X p.s TOTALLY buying that pregnancy pillow!!!

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