Mini craft/upcycling hack #1 – drawer handles

I’ve been upcycling a chest of drawers with chalk paint for the nursery and searching high and low for some kiddie handles to go on it! Originally I was just going to paint the ones that it came with but that seemed like too much of a faff for lazy lil me and I wanted some with a more child orientated vibe…

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Chalk paint – my tips and tricks!

I’ll be honest, I like the quickest and simplest result possible! It is for this reason that I love chalk paint! It all comes down to not wanting to waste energy…

When using chalk paint, the most prep you need to do to your surfaces is giving them a quick clean with some sugar soap. Yep that’s right! Gone are the days of sanding everything down before you undercoat and finally top coat. When I first heard about chalk paint I thought it was too good to be true – but it’s amazing!!
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